Caring for Care Givers

12 March 2019 - Published by Renske Stumpel
The municipality of Roeselare (BE) is organizing eight conversation tables about improving services for the specific target group of working care givers. These people care for someone (e.g. person with cancer, person with a disability, elderly people who need a lot of help,…) and next to that they also have a job (part time or full time). They feel unheard, don’t get the right information at the right time and have to go from organisation to organisation to get the right validation of being a (volunteering) care giver.

These voluntary workers often have jobs themselves, so a lot of the voluntary activities are being done next to their own jobs. It can involve administration as well as physical helping people.

In order to improve the services it is necessary to talk to them to understand how we can improve our services.

By using the human centred design method, we map their needs. Together with the care givers, we are searching for good solutions. The kick off took place on January 29 and the conversation tables will be held until June 2019. Keep reading this newsletter to stay updated! J