Building a community: how to improve customer service delivery

12 April 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop

The kick-off of the new community “Rotterdammer Centraal” (citizens of Rotterdam are central) was a success. On April 9th, over 50 professionals from different organisations and companies gathered at the ‘Machinist’ in Rotterdam. All with one goal: to put the citizens of Rotterdam central. It was a positive afternoon full of energy, with the aim to collect on how to improve Rotterdam’s customer services delivery.

The municipality of Rotterdam and the national platform ‘User Central’ have started a partnership to build a local community in Rotterdam. With an online platform to support them in their approach to put the ‘Rotterdammer’ central with regard to public service delivery. On April 9th it was all about collecting the wishes from the community. Six priority issues were determined.

These priorities will be central in the platform build on the website Sixteen participants signed up for an active role in the Rotterdam community. Next aim is to let the community grow and connect more people through this platform. undefined