Voting procedure made easier

07 May 2018 - Published by Herma Otter
In November 2017 we reported on our project using visuals in letters in Rotterdam. In March 2018, prior to the elections in Holland, we initiated a new project. All Rotterdam citizens who were entitled to vote, received their voting passes together with a redesigned manual on how to vote. This document explained the purpose of the specific elections, which documents to bring and which procedures and regulations to follow during the voting process.

Rotterdam (NL) -

In this leaflet we followed the following general guidelines concerning visuals:

  • Only use images when functional
  • use pictures, no icons
  • show the object people are mandatory to bring
  • use copy right free images

For more guidelines see Gebruikercentraal (Dutch read)

When redesigning your (governmental) letters, it is important to involve your target group(s) to test if you achieve your goal(s). The examples mentioned above, were all tested on potential target groups. The insights from the testing sequences are used for further design and improvements.

By sharing our experience with using (more) images in our letters to citizens, we inspired not only our Like! partner Roeselare (BE). Other municipalities also started redesigning their letters with images. Our aim is to improve the readability of our letters, to make our messages easier to understand for all our citizens, improving our public service delivery.