Focus on transnationality in Roeselare meeting

03 November 2017 - Published by Herma Otter
In November the city of Roeselare (BE) will host the third Steering Committee meeting of the NSR project Like! The 10 partners, from 5 different countries, will be focussing on transnationality and progress within the project. In the past few months partners have developed over 50 Project Initiation Documents, giving shape to ideas on how to create an innovative digital culture and improve public service delivery.

Some examples: an international IoT Hackathon is to be organised in 2018 by Drenthe Province (NL); a pilot from Rotterdam (NL) to use visuals in letters to citizens to improve readability; a hackathon “Smart Senior” organised by Aalborg (DE) and Rotterdam (NL) with elderly people which got national press attention; and a paper written in Holland – by co-creation – about improving Customer Contact and Interaction. During the meeting in Roeselare, Angus (UK) will present a pilot about further developing “Find my locality”.

To stress the importance of communication, a workshop is being held in which we co-create the Like! communication plan and content strategy.