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How can we use digital improvements to innovate our public service delivery? How can we incorporate collected data for innovative solutions for regions/municipalities? And how will this all contribute to the citizen’s perspective on public service delivery?

These questions are central in Project Like! Building a local digital innovation culture

The Like! Project will:

  • Work together with 10 partners in 5 countries in the North Sea Region
  • Combine knowledge of local governments, citizens, universities and SME's
  • Co-create smarter services through 9 transnational pilots
  • Contribute to the North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020

The Like! Project partners are:

  • The Netherlands: Groningen Municipality (lead beneficiary), Groningen University, Drenthe Province, Rotterdam Municipality
  • Denmark: Aalborg Municipality
  • United Kingdom: Angus Council, Suffolk County Council
  • Belgium: Roeselare Municipality
  • Germany: Vechta Stadt, Vechta University

The Like! Project highlights:

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Latest Project News

Final Conference: Take a look into the future with Bytesnet!

12 September 2019

Bytesnet will give one of the unique excursions during the Final Conference of Like! in their brand new datacenter d’Root on campus Groningen.

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Final Conference Like!: The Digital Society HUB

05 September 2019

There are many inspiring excursions during the project Like! Final Conference. Why is the excursion to the Digital Society HUB (DSH) going to inspire …

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Final Conference: Data-driven organizations

30 August 2019

Many institutions are striving to become data-driven. But what does that mean exactly? Becoming data-driven is about making data and analytics part of…

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Final Conference Like!: Masterclass Digital Democracy

23 August 2019

In a more digital world, government engagement with their citizens is changing. Direct democracy in an online world is piloted in various cities acros…

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Final Conference Like!: Build your own chatbot

15 August 2019

Do you know what a chatbot is? Have you ever created your own chatbot? This is your chance!

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