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How can we use digital improvements to innovate our public service delivery? How can we incorporate collected data for innovative solutions for regions/municipalities? And how will this all contribute to the citizen’s perspective on public service delivery?

These questions are central in Project Like! Building a local digital innovation culture

The Like! Project will:

  • Work together with 10 partners in 5 countries in the North Sea Region
  • Combine knowledge of local governments, citizens, universities and SME's
  • Co-create smarter services through 9 transnational pilots
  • Contribute to the North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020

The Like! Project partners are:

  • The Netherlands: Groningen Municipality (lead beneficiary), Groningen University, Drenthe Province, Rotterdam Municipality
  • Denmark: Aalborg Municipality
  • United Kingdom: Angus Council, Suffolk County Council
  • Belgium: Roeselare Municipality
  • Germany: Vechta Stadt, Vechta University

The Like! Project highlights:

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Latest Project News

Workshop with Startup Companies in Aalborg, Denmark

12 July 2019

BusinessAalborg/Aalborg Municipality is the business department of the Aalborg municipality which helps business and organizations new in the region t…

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Caring for Caregivers (2)

12 July 2019

Caregivers are unpaid volunteers and they take care of people close to them who have a request for support and care in their daily activities. Caregiv…

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CONNECT TO THE FUTURE: Sign up for the Final Conference Like!

10 July 2019

On the 3th of October, Like’s Final Conference will take place in Groningen (NL). We compiled a very interesting programme with different masterclasse…

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Voice interaction design-studio in Rotterdam (NL)

14 May 2019

There are many indications that voice interaction will become a relevant part of public service delivery in the future. The big tech companies are inv…

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Using VR technologies to overcome anxiety

09 May 2019

The handicap hackathon for people with learning disabilities held in Aalborg in September 2018 resulted in several initiatives where one of them was t…

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