The Fast Track to New Markets

Lean Landing is designed to get small businesses quickly into new European markets. If you want to test whether your products or services can be sold abroad, or if you're looking for new European partnerships, this programme is for you.

What you get
The Lean Landing network consists of 26 partners, accelerators and incubators from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland and UK. Together, we have boots on the ground in all six countries, enabling us to get you quickly in touch with new customers and partners. We give you hands-on knowledge and local insight into markets far from home and you will also be able to use our partners’ office facilities.

What we do
Favouring a hands-on approach, we arrange partner and customer meetings for you in your country of choice, so you can get fast feedback from potential customers or partners and perform a real-time test of the potential of your products and services in a new European market.

What it costs
It's free to join, and we'll even refund 50% of your travel costs. If you're interested in joining the Lean Landing programme, the first step is a screening interview, where we assess your company's potential and motivation. To apply for an interview, please contact your local partner via

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Why we do it



Supporting innovative and value-creating internationalisation efforts and partnerships among SMEs are essential for the future competitiveness, productivity and knowledge economy of the North Sea Region (NSR).

In the NSR however, very few SMEs are successful in their export activities in the long run, very few launch other kinds of cross-border co-operations and internationalisation than export, and very few of the non-internationalised SMEs are planning on starting such activities.

In order to address these challenges, this project will develop and implement an innovative and lasting lean Soft Landing co-operation between 6 North Sea countries and micro SMEs, business incubators, knowledge institutions and public business development funders in each of these 6 countries.

Via joint efforts between an extensive network of participating incubators in the 6 countries, the concept will be developed, offered to and tested on 250 SMEs that reside in the incubators. The soft landing program will have as its purpose to create profit-enhancing knowledge partnerships between SMEs in the 6 countries, as well as between SMEs and knowledge and business development insitituitions. This will be done by exchanging SMEs between the incubators.

The program results will be made publicly accessible and disseminated by being translated into a lean soft landing blue print and a NSR fair for future networking and knowledge sharing between incubators and policy makers in the entire EU.