Call 12 webinar and Q&A

The Joint Secretariat has hosted a webinar for ongoing North Sea region projects that are interested in applying for an extension under Call 12. The webinar took place on February 4, 2021.

The webinar started with a brief introduction to the requirements and included a Q&A session for participants to ask questions about everything related to Call 12. 

Watch the webinar for answers from the Joint Secretariat on questions from current projects on Call 12.


Download the presentation from the webinar here.


Four additional questions were asked in the survey that was conducted after the Call 12 webinar. 

1) Is the funding available per priority fixed, or is it depending on the quality of the applications that you receive?
The funding available per priority, as shown in the Guidance Note, is fixed for Call 12. There may be some additional funding available by the time the Steering Committee meets in June, but that depends on the closure of projects by that time and the total amount of under-spending they report in their final report. 
2) How should we demonstrate the commitment of new partners to the project? Should we add a letter from them as an appendix?
For new and existing partners who request (additional) funding a Letter of Intent is required. Please find more information in the Guidance note. In the application you should add a description of new partners and their role in the project.
3) If we expect to have remaining budget can we also apply for additional budget in call 12?
If your project has remaining budget, you may apply for additional funds in Call 12. There is no 'hard and fast' rule about how much funding you should have spent by the time you apply. However, it is essential that your project has exhibited sound financial management up to that point and that the partnership has spent an amount proportional to the time your project has been running and the activities that you have carried out. In addition, it is important that you can justify your need for funds for new activities in the extension request. 
4) What is the difference between a Covid-19 lifetime extension and a Call 12 extension?

A Covid-19 lifetime extension is for projects:

  • with planned activities that have been delayed due to the pandemic;
  • that are (relatively) close to completion and only have a few activities and deliverables outstanding;
  • that need more time but do not want to add more activities, funding or new partners. 
A Covid-19 lifetime extension is an extension of 6 months, and projects can request two during their implementation. Covid-19 lifetime extensions are submitted as a minor change and assessed by the Joint Secretariat.
A Call 12 extension is for projects:
  • that see an opportunity to extend their project with additional activities and/or partners that complement the existing project;
  • that need funding to carry out the additional activities and/or bring another partner/s on board.


You can find more information on Call 12 here.

Please reach out to your project advisor if you have additional questions or content related questions on Call 12.


Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash