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Browse visuals available for North Sea Region projects below.

Looking for your project logo? Please ask your Lead Beneficiary for assistance.

Priority icons

The four North Sea Region Programme priority theme icons are available in jpg format. You should only use the icon corresponding to the priority of your project.

Download priority icons


The North Sea Region Programme uses four wavelines as an additional visual brand element, corresponding to the Programme's four priority themes. The individual wavelines are available for projects in jpg and vector formats. You should use the waveline colour that matches the priority of your project. 

Download wavelines

Project plaque

Project plaque package including example and design templates.

Download project plaque package


Project poster

A customised project poster is available for your project directly in the Online Monitoring System.


Powerpoint templates

Priority 1 template

Priority 2 template

Priority 3 template

Priority 4 template

Other materials for download

North Sea Region Programme logo pack

Download leaflet   

North Sea Region map