Key resources for communications managers

If you are managing communications in a North Sea Region Programme project, you need to be aware of rules and requirements as well as the opportunities available to communicate your project. We strongly recommend you to explore the links below.

Overview of communication requirements  
Our Fact Sheet 25 describes key requirements applying to project communication. 

Please also refer to:

The EU regulation 1303/2013 Article 115-117 and Annex XII section 2.2 explain core requirements applying to EU project beneficiaries. 

The EU regulation 821/2014. Chapter II lays down core rules for usage of the Union emblem (the EU flag) and the technical characteristics of permanent billboards and plaques. Annex II defines graphic standards for the EU flag. 

Project logo

All Programme-funded projects must use a specific Interreg North Sea Region project logo provided by the Joint Secretariat. 

An introduction to the project logo and Interreg branding is available in our Joint Branding Project Guidance. For more details, download the full Interreg Brand Design Manual.

A customised project poster is available for all projects in our Online Monitoring System. You can download additional visuals here

Project webspaces
Approved projects are supplied with a project webspace that will serve as the project's main website. Your webspace is an integrated part of the Programme website and links to the online monitoring system from where it pulls in certain types of information.

To get started with your project webspace, download our webspace user guidance.

You should also visit My Project webspace for inspiration and guidance. Browse this demo site to find all the available guidance and video tutorials:

Basic introductions
The About page
Uploading news articles
Uploading events
The Contact page
The Output Library
Uploading images and videos

Fact sheets
The following fact sheets are relevant at various stages of project application and implementation. 

Fact sheet 21: Final reporting  
Fact sheet 23: Indicators (version 2)
Fact sheet 25: Publicity requirements (version 4)
Fact sheet 27: Intellectual Property Rights and ownership of project investments