Aarhus University, Denmark

AU has a long and extensive experience in monitoring underwater noise and documenting effects om marine ecosystems and is the main advisor to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Greenlandic Government on issues of effects of underwater noise. In parallel to this AU is responsible for national monitoring of marine mammals and marine birds, key animals likely to be affected by underwater noise.

The participation in JOMOPANS will strengthen the relevance and quality of the advice provided to the Environmental Protection Agency, not just related to MSFD D11, but on effects of underwater noise in general.

AU has extensive experience with participation in EU co-financed projects. Of particular relevance to JOMOPANS are EU-LIFE projects BLUE REEF, SAMBAH and BIAS and INTERREG project BaltSeaPlan.

AU will be leader of WP7 and thus coordinate the work with collecting biological data and integrate this information into the GES-tool. Furthermore AU will be responsible for measurements in the Danish part of the North Sea.