Deployment Vinga station in Sweden

17 June 2019 - Published by Niels Kinneging
On May 22nd, the Swedish hydrophone station was deployed at 42 m depth by FOI, 2 km south west of the island of Vinga, near Sweden’s largest port, Gothenburg. It is a real time system, sampling at 100 kHz, where the signal from the hydrophones goes thru a fiber optic cable to shore where the data acquisition system is located. In addition to the main hydrophone, an active hydrophone is added to enable in situ function test with regular interval. An ADCP (Acoustic Doppler current profiler which also measures wave height) is connected to the platform and located 100 m away from the platform in a collaboration with SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute).

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The deployment was done in a collaboration with the Swedish Coast Guard and went well and we are now recording high quality acoustic data in a steady stream. See below figure for an example of a few days of measurements (6-11 June) showing the SPL (top panel) for all frequency bands up to 50 kHz (blue) and the 1/3 octave band 125 Hz (red) as well as the spectrogram over the whole period (bottom panel). There is a lot of short time passages of ships near the station as well as some weather phenome such as rain at the 6-7 June.