Publiction on validation

23 May 2022 - Published by Niels Kinneging
In the Jomopans project the soundscape maps were validated with field measurements. The scale of the validation across the North Sea is a major achievement. This work has now been published in a scientific journal.

The paper is authored by Ros Putland (Cefas), Christ De Jong (TNO), Bas Binnerts (TNO), Adrian Farcas (Cefas) and Nathan Merchant (Cefas).


Abstract of the paper:

Underwater radiated noise from shipping is globally pervasive and can cause deleterious effects on marine life, ranging from behavioural responses to physiological effects. Acoustic modelling makes it possible to map this noise over large areas and long timescales, and to test mitigation scenarios such as ship speed reduction or spatial restrictions. However, such maps must be validated against measurements to ensure confidence in their predictions. This study carried out a multi-site validation of the monthly and annual shipping noise maps for 2019 produced as part of the Joint Monitoring of Ambient Noise in the North Sea (JOMOPANS) programme. Spectral, spatial, and temporal differences between predictions and measurements were analysed, with differences linked to uncertainty in model input data and additional sources of anthropogenic noise in the measurements. Validating shipping noise models in this way ensures they can be applied with confidence in future management decisions to address shipping noise pollution.


Link to the full publication.

Link to the Jomopans report.


Ros Putland