Scoping workshop for GES Tool

23 April 2019 - Published by Niels Kinneging
On 2 and 3 April 2019 a Scoping workshop was held for the Jomopans GES Tool at Aarhus University in Roskilde Denmark.


One of the products of the Jomopans project is a management tool to support marine managers to handle underwater noise. In this tool the sound scape maps will be presented with ecological information to evaluate noise pollution.

Discussions centred on further specifying the capabilities of the tool, building on the specification in the tender material.

Integration of measurements in the tool

The amount of monitoring data to include in the tool was discussed and the consequences regarding future access to a common database.

Modelled sound maps for the tool

The selection of noise maps to be included in the tool for display and additional map data for computation of pressure and risk indices must be made in the near future.

Biological data on species distribution for the tool

It was discussed how to deal with incomplete and composite maps, as well as the question of user supplied species distribution data.

Algorithms for calculation of pressure and risk indices

Pressure and risk indices are to be calculated on the basis of exceedance levels, not absolute noise levels. It was discussed  how the calculations can be simplified, either by fixing the time variable (fixed percentile) or by fixing the exceedance level. The nature of the differences between the two approaches are to be investigated during spring 2019.

Further specification for the tool itself

Important decisions on if and how to store session data by users must be taken as soon as possible. Additional issues regarding design of the tool should be handled along the way.


It was a very fruitfull workshop in which the complexitiy of presenting the results of Jomopans were discussed as weel as the usefulness of a GES Tool.