Policy Advisory Board

14 October 2019 - Published by Niels Kinneging
The Jomopans project will make products for marine managers and policy makers of the North Sea countries. To involve them in the project and to receive feedback Jomopans has established a Policy Advisory Board (PAB) to ensure the products are in line with the needs of persons responsible for management of underwater noise. On 7 October (prior to the Jomopans midterm event) the PAB met at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington (near London).



The PAB advises the project team on the needs that should be addressed during the project and on the implementation proposals for underwater noise monitoring after the end of Jomopans.

On 7 October the PAB met for the second time. The progress and intermediate results from Jomopans were discussed.

One of the major products of the project will be a webbased GES tool to present all maps and measurements generated by the project. This tool will be used to evaluate the Good Environmental Status (GES) with respect to underwater noise. The tool and the relevance of all information to be presented were discussed at length.

In the afternoon the focus was changed to the future activities. Jomopans will write an implementation plan, in which the way a regular monitoring of underwater noise can be implemented will be outlined. This monitoring is an obligation from the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. It was agreed that a joint monitoring was the most effective way forward. A work breakdown is needed, but also the governance of such a programme and the financial arrangements needed.

Finally it is concluded that after Jomopans a number of knowledge gaps remain. The Jomopans team is encouraged to prepare for project proposals and to find coalitions to address the knowledge gaps.