Joint Monitoring Programme for Ambient Noise North Sea (JOMOPANS)

The aim of this project is to develop a framework for a fully operational joint monitoring
programme for ambient noise in the North Sea. Output will be the tools necessary for
managers, planners and other stakeholders to incorporate the effects of ambient noise in their
assessment of the environmental status of the North Sea, and to evaluate measures to improve
the environment.


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Latest Project News

Soundscape maps of North Sea

27 November 2020

Noise at sea depicted Continuous shipping noise has now been properly mapped out for the first time by the EU project JOMOPANS. Shipping is the m…

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Underwater sound comic strip

19 November 2020

Multimedia comic - Underwater sound illustrated in a different way

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Another Long Journey Home

21 September 2020

JOMOPANS measurement station in the Netherlands was found in Denmark

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A Long Journey Home

28 August 2020

JOMOPANS Central North Sea measurement station was found in Sweden!

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Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego

10 April 2020

The Jomopans project was presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, California. After earlier meetings with people from the USA that work …

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