The European Shipment Company (TESCO)


The European Shipment Company founded in 1991. Tesco BV stands for managing and operating inland vessels by means of ownership or management.

Currently, the current fleet of Tesco BV consists of: 6 ships varying between 1120 tons and 1825 tons.

Where service is central.

Tesco BV is the company that is not only there to operate its own fleet of ships, but that can also manage the management of your ship / ships for you and would like to support, inform and guide you with your projects and questions. Think of this for example; support and guidance in mediating your purchase of a vessel. Support with your administrative work or do you want to know what options there are for you to start your own company?

Tesco sees many opportunities and possibilities through its thorough knowledge and experiences.

Not only for management, guidance and support you can contact Tesco BV. Tesco is also at your service for hiring nautical personnel, assistance with nautical technical repairs, taking care of and mediating with storage and transhipment locations.