Provincie Fryslan - Province of Friesland


Provincie Fryslân

Fryslân is one of the provinces of the Netherlands with the most navigable waterways. Next to commercial use, there is also a large emphasis on recreational navigation. The province of Fryslân is responsible for managing its infrastructure and to make sure the recreational and commercial use can coexist.

Why is Provincie Fryslân participating in the project?

There is plenty of capacity for further modal shifts to the waterways, as this shift will alleviate the traffic pressure on the road network. As an administrator, the province must take the lead in promoting and effecting modal shifts. Next to decreased traffic pressure and increased road safety in urban areas, a more sustainable future in transport can be achieved. Through our participation in this project, we will increase our expertise on innovative transport concepts and be able to be a platform to exchange best practices.

Has the Provincie Fryslân experience with international projects?

The province of Fryslân participates in numerous projects of this kind, such as "Biocas" and "Dryports".

What is your main role in the project?

Our contribution consists of the supervision of the development of a mobile transhipment solution for dairy products in the city of Leeuwarden. Furthermore, we attract stakeholders and provide a platform for stakeholders to allow them to experiment with modal shift.