Maritime Academy Harlingen - Dunamare School Foundation


What is the Maritieme Academie Harlingen?

  • The Maritieme Academie Harlingen (MAH) is leading in the European IWT vocational training.
  • Possesses a large amount of expertise.
  • Operates the worlds most advanced IWT simulator centre.
  • Founding member of EDINNA (Education in Inland Navigation)
  • Educates and trains about 35% of European IWT crews.
  • a much-valued expert in all IWT related questions to:
    - CCNR (Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine
    - European Commission
    - UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe).
    - Local and national government.

Why is the Maritieme Academie Harlingen participating in the project?

We are very much interested to broaden the opportunities for our students to find employment or to become an entrepreneur by themselves. Better harmonized rules for accreditation of curricula for crews in IWT is beneficial for our students. This will also ease transnational deployment of crews and lead to a better-balanced labour market. There is an increasing lack of well-educated experienced crew. In fact, ALL students that leave the MAH directly find a job!

Has MAH experience with international projects?

One of the founding members of EDINNA
Participant several European initiatives:
        Member of Common Expert Group on training and certification of IWT personnel
        common standards for the use of Simulators
        “river speak”
participated in PLATINA 2
participates in the Interreg 5A project "MariGreen".

What is your main role in the project?

  • Overall project management (As Lead beneficiary)
  • Coordination of all communication activities.
  • Facilitate testing with the IWT simulator centre and the trainingship “Emeli”
  • Develop, test, implement educational content for smaller waterway navigation.