Gemeente Smallingerland - Smallingerland municipality


 Gemeente Smallingerland -Smallingerland municipality

The municipality of Smallingerland is located in the province of Fryslân and hosts the 2nd largest inland port of the province. The municipality’s responsibilities include:

⦁ Maintenance of port infrastructure, including moorings
⦁ Development of harbour-cooperation in de region
⦁ Implementation of shore-facilities
⦁ Establishment waterfront businesses

Smallingerland is also part of the experiment Riverhopper, a trial for palletised cargo transport by water.

Why is Gemeente Smallingerland participating in the project?

Smallingerland wants to prevent negative modal shift from water to road and promote more modal shift from road to waterway, and by doing so, reduce environmental impact.

In the project Smallingerland tries to identify and evaluate the technical expertise necessary to adapt the existing waterway to Drachten Port, so it can accommodate larger vessels. This to keep the port attractive for current companies and attract new companies.

Integration of IT-based tools like simulation adds a new and innovative way to aid the decision-making.

Has the Gemeente Smallingerland experience with international projects?

Sigma for water
(Interreg 4c) – creation of nature/water & separation of professional and recreational water-users. VNG International (in cooperation with Gobabis-Namibia)– Projects based on HIV-Aids, waste-reduce, clean water. What is your main role in the project? Prevent negative modal shift (if there's no investment to upgrade the waterways to class Va), by identifying & evaluate existing & new innovative transport concepts. Detect opportunities for innovative transport concepts.