De Groote – Houtboerke NV


De Groote – Houtboerke NV

De Groote – Houtboerke has over 50 years of experience in delivery of construction and building materials all over Europe. Development and implementation of trainings and study programs for constructors and building professionals related to building materials. Human resource development (HRD) in the field of people with a distance to the labour market. Development and planning of inland waterway expansion works.

Why is De Groote – Houtboerke participating in the project?

We would like to develop and expand our expertise in long distance modal transport and specifically with construction and building materials.

Expansion of target group by bringing together the suppliers and clients for waterway and intermodal transport of building materials.

Defining the cost price for long distance waterway transport of building materials.

Has De Groote – Houtboerke experience with international projects?

several of our staff have experience working with ESF, Interreg and LEADER programs for other companies.

What is your main role in the project?

  • Supplying data sets of vessel voyage data.
  • Organizing long distance modal shift with construction and building material by implementing an integrated smaller CO2 neutral barge concept. (vessel and designated berth for loading and unloading).
  • Defining data and quays for loading and unloading in the city of Ghent.

Implementing several modal shifts for long distance transport of construction and building materials in the region of Ghent.