Inland Waterway Transportation: "Innovation and Competence Delivered"

04 February 2019 - Published by Haije Mintjes
2nd Conference of the Interreg-funded project #IWTS 2.0. By Bremen Ports and the Maritime Academy of Harlingen
Inland Waterway Transportation: Save the Date! Innovation and Competence Delivered 2nd Conference of the Interreg-funded project #IWTS 2.0

About this Event

Save the date!

Inland waterway transportation is an environmentally friendly way to move cargo. However, it can do more! Key factors for a higher inland waterway modal split are; revitalized waterway infrastructure, the right barge concept for the cargo and attractive training's for increased awareness. The conference showcases new developments in these fields pioneered in the Interreg-funded project “#IWTS 2.0”


Date and Time

Wed, 8 May 2019

14:00 – 17:30 CEST



Barkhausenstraße 4

27568 Bremerhaven