Building an innovative emission free Vessel for use in IW

19 June 2020 - Published by Haije Mintjes

Tecnical description :
The hull has been designed as a flatboattype, due to the short dept of the most of the canals in Ghent Measures : 14,95 x 4 m Draft of the ship : 0.4 m empty and 0.8 m full witth cargo.Sag 5.5 T per 10 cm. Technical specifications according to the building plan
Finishing : Constructionplan with 3 shutters in the deck Rubber strip around the deck Sandblasting off the deck  Epoxi antislip deck (heavy duty)  
Propulsion and tecnics :  Accu 1550A 48V  Airmix system, fillingsystem, build in in a acid-free container 48V 200A accucharger incl Airmix installation 24V accu boardnet with filling system in container and charger   A 20 KW Heinzmann watercooled  engine Incl: controller and dashboard  Bow and stern truster Propeller shaft system / rudder : stern tube with bearing, thrust bearing, propeller shaft, propeller, rudder shaft and bearing, steering cylinder and steering pump, etc…….
Miscellaneous: bilge pumps, navi lighting, AIS, VHF, Battery monitors, etc.  
First step : may 2020 Cutting of the aluminum sheets