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Newsletter No 3 - March 2020

19 March 2020

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Small Waterways Innovation Day

25 February 2020

Inland shipping is a climate-friendly means of transport for large volumes of goods. Nevertheless, many European waterways are hardly used, if at all. IWTS 2.0 (Inland Waterway Transport Solutions) an…

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Are you up to the Challenge?

22 January 2020

We invite groups of up to three students from all backgrounds to propose an answer to one of the following questions – and you´re up to the Challenge

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Tools: transhipment manual

22 January 2020

“One of the tasks of the POM Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flemish development agency) is to exchange information with private stakeholders in the province. Amongst other topics, discussions are set up on th…

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SAVE the DATE: Inland and coastal shipping - What's on?

30 August 2019

Welcome to a day with examples, initiatives and different stakeholders perspectives that hopefully will answer questions such as: How can inland and coastal shipping be used to a greater extent? Ho…

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Inland Waterway Transportation: "Innovation and Competence Delivered"

04 February 2019

2nd Conference of the Interreg-funded project #IWTS 2.0. By Bremen Ports and the Maritime Academy of Harlingen

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Leeds conference “ Freight by water ”

20 December 2018

#IWTS 2.0 had its first conference in Leeds, October 2018; “Freight by water”. The conference was organised together with the Freight Transport Association. The conference was opened by Mr Alex Veitch…

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Freight by Water Conference 2018

13 September 2018

 "Shifting 20 million t/km freight from road to Inland Waterway Transport in 2020" 

The Canal & River Trust, in par…

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Working visit: The Beerboat, Utrecht

18 June 2018

Today started with a informative round trip through the historic channels of Utrecht where we were able to see the Ecoboat and "beerboat" in action. The Eco Boat picks up garbage up from businesses l…

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