LIVESTREAM launching Green Wave, October 20, 2020 at 2 p.m.

Event duration: 1,5 hour
Venue: Heerewaarden yard

Please find information below about the launch of the emission free Green Wave barge.

The Interreg #northsearegion @northsearegion #IWTS2.0 project, aims at greening inland waterway transport. Lead partner of this project is the Maritime Academy Harlingen. In a transnational cooperation TESCO will operate the full electric barge Green Wave, the barge will be sailing in the City of Ghent with building materials and other freights. Freight logistics and manning will be organized by De Groote-Houtboerke in Ghent. By deploying the Green Wave barge we will reduce its Co2, Sox, Nox emissions with 100%, we will contribute to less road traffic jams and particles emissions in Ghent. By showcasing this modal shift from road to water we will inspire other entrepreneurs to adopt green wave similar concepts in their regions.

Launch Green Wave
Date: 20 October 2020
Time: 14.00 hours

• 14.00 Introduction Maritime Academy Harlingen by Arjen Mintjes, Director and Lead Beneficiary
• 14.10 Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen,
Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management (video)
• 14.20 Presentation TESCO by Marylou Overmeer, owner of the Green Wave
• 14.30 Presentation of the building process by Kees Cornelissen, Director Euroship Services
• 14.40 Presentation De Groote - Houtboerke by André de Groote, CEO De Groote-Houtboerke
• 15.00 Launch of Green Wave barge with guest and/or speaker
Short test sailing with the Green Wave barge
• 15.30 End of program
* In connection with the regulations and developments surrounding COVID-19 there is a chance that the programme
will alter.