Welcome to the webspace of #IWTS 2.0 - a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) offers relatively slow, cheap, climate friendly hinterland transport alternatives for commodities transported in large quantities or bulk. The energy input per t/km is superior to rail, road transport. Many waterways in Europe remain widely un-/underused in the past decades.

  • Addressed challenges:
  • Low awareness about small waterway transport opportunities
  • Low innovation in small barge development, transshipment of goods
  • Lack of expertise in using small waterway opportunities
  • Lack of training content and dedicated crews for small waterway sailing.

  • Partners join forces; mobilise potentials and capacity to move freight to yet under-used waterways by:
  • Realising a quick modal shift by introducing new and proven logistic technologies and support logistic managers that decide about modal shifts.
  • Make better use of existing waterways by adapting them towards a sufficient standardsize vessels.
  • Make better use of existing waterways by developing innovative sustainable small barge concepts.
  • Modernizing IWT education, training with a focus on navigation on smaller waterways.
  • IWTS 2.0. facilitates use of IWT on smaller waterways (comprehensive network) in the NSR region linking them to main TEN-T corridors.

  • By piloting 8 small waterway modal shifts including; innovative barge-, waterway-, transshipment-, (un)loading-, freight flow mapping-, modal shift decision making solutions, we showcase proven concepts that will be adopted by the market.                                                                                                    


Latest Project News

SWOT Analysis of Selected #IWTS 2.0 Partner Regions:

01 July 2021

Download the SWOT Analysis of Selected
#IWTS 2.0 Partner Regions:

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Full video livestream #IWTS2.0 ''Modal shift is a mindshift''

26 April 2021

Dear IWTS experts, if you missed our final conference, or you want to look at it again, please find the link to the conference here.


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Save the date “Final Conference” #IWTS2.0

17 March 2021

''Modalshift is a Mindshift''

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IWTS Video - Simulator for modal shifts

19 February 2021

Our second video about the simulator for modal shifts is out now! Robert Huigen( Provincie Fryslan ), Jörn Boll( Maritime Academy Harlingen ) and…

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IWTS Video - Simulator for inland waterway

01 February 2021

This video is about the simulator for inland waterway sailing trainings of crews, spatial planning, decision making and assessment of small barges an…

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