North Side

NorthSide wishes to be the most green and sustainable cultural event. That has been the intention since the first festival in 2010.

As an organizer of an event with 40.000 festival guests, we have a responsibility towards the beautiful green area, which we briefly inhabit each year. But we also have a responsibility during the rest of the year. Therefore, we try to create awareness and set a good example that can push not only our festival guests but also our entire industry in a positive direction as we wish to put forward a sustainable agenda in our society.

Lead The Way is our mantra and it permeates everything we do. It governs decisions about procurement, investment, collaborators, interior design, resource management, charity and the supply of organic food and beverages throughout the festival.

NorthSide is a cozy, hassle-free and challenging breathing space created by people, originality and sustainability – and here you can read more about how we create NorthSide in the most sustainable framework possible.

In 2012, we collaborated with the sustainability agency WorldPerfect regarding sorting of waste and communication of our green values. We had so-called “Trash Talkers” help the audience sort waste in five ambitious sections. As it turned out the audience sorted the waste, as long as it was convenient.

Since then, a lot has happened. In 2016, we had six sorting sections at the festival site, and behind the stalls and production areas we had in thirteen sections. Through this initiative we succeeded in sorting and recycling 76% of all waste, and our goal for 2017 is 77% minimum. The long-term goal is to become a 100% waste free festival.