The Hallifornia Culture Festival is a 3-day summer festival arranged in July in the town of Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. The festival arena is centered around an old picturesque fortress next to the sea. The festival is an open event without entrance fee, and attracts 40 000 visitors during its three days.

The Hallifornia Culture Festival is founded on active participation. Visitors can try activities like wakeboard, yoga, skateboard, art, skimboard, dance, mediation, blowkart, stand up paddleboard, handcrafts, graffiti and body painting, musical instruments, climbing, slackline and much more. The festival program is filled with action sports competitions, happenings, music, dance, performance, art shows and party. About a hundred exhibitors offer everything from workshops, massage and fashion to a variety of products and culinary experiences.

The core values of The Hallifornia Culture Festival are creativity, inclusiveness and hang loose-ness. Many social and cultural sub-projects are integrated into the festival model, such as the inclusion of immigrants, gender equality in action sports, and the education of young volunteers through real life projects and training.

The Hallifornia Culture Festival provides an arena, a platform, wherein different partners can participate and interact with each other. All kinds of innovations are welcome.

The Hallifornia organization offers creativity, experience and know-how; focusing especially on the integration of partners into the festival process.

In 2017 Hallifornia was awarded the title of the Swedish Placebrander of the Year.