Nordic Surfers (SE) Doing is believing

Nordic Surfers is a creative agency that develops concepts, runs projects, arranges events and performs activities. They work with many different types of exciting customer assignments. Since they have a passion for developing new concepts, they implement several of our ideas in-house. It provides lots of experiences and insights that can be applied to many different parts of a business. Everything from business development, research and organization to process management, communication and production. We represent a network of talented people who are part of different projects. Nordic Surfers is skilled at connecting ideas and creating something new. Carefully selected concepts, symbols, expressions, colors, patterns, materials, channels, activities and content together create a concrete overall experience. It is a creative process that takes time and requires energy. The details are crucial for creating the right feeling. Above all, we are interested in how culture, activities and creativity contribute to sustainable development.

Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project?

NordicSurfers (NS) has six years experience of activities related to WP3. In two events,Coastal Culture and Hallifornia, NS has been active in Smart specialisation, a regionalgrowth strategy. NS has been recruiting innovative entrepreneurs and start-upsrelated to surf- and skate sports and the creative sector. NS is experienced inhow to give guidance and mentoring to start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs whoare using a specific event as a space for developing, testing different products.


What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in the project?

The integration of innovative solutions in the event (no entry) will make a positive effect in the relation between visitors and start-ups. This creates spin-off potentials regarding the relation between start-ups and the improvement of the content in the event. A benefit for NS is to learn what methods can be used to broaden the innovation potential in the event. By match-making needs with our event an innovative space is opened and new products can be developed and tested.

Address: Box 35, S-43 221 Varberg, Sweden

Project Manager: Erik Ruth

High Five incubator: Anna Petersson