NHL Stenden (NL) groundbreaking

You can handle the future. That is the promise of NHL Stenden University. We are convinced that life is about pushing your limits. Vision: Education and research are the carriers of personal development and social progress. Mission: Working on world-wise innovation.

Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project?

The NHL University of Applied Sciences aims at strengthening the competitiveness of the Northern region of the Netherlands in an international context. The NHL educates highly skilled and innovative professionals working on innovations with large economic and societal impact.


What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in the project?

University of Applied Sciences will merge with Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Their new educational concept will be based on the cooperation between Education, Research, Business and Society. The outcome of the project is the model for learning environments and research approach for the new university.

Address: P.O Box 1080, 8900CB Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Project Manager: Peter Joore