Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (BE) We develop people

Howest, the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Belgium, is an atypical, creative, innovative and enterprising university of applied sciences. Based on the talent and passion of every student, Howest trains team-oriented, competent, directly employable professionals who respond to developments in our global society. Howest works together with and for the regional and international work field. That is why Howest integrates leading, socially relevant and competence-based education, valorisation-oriented research and services in its programs. Howest is an open and pluralistic university of applied sciences, with respect for diversity. Howest inspires her employees and students to integrate her core values into their personal and professional lives.

Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for the project?

In the region of Kortrijk an excellent cooperation has been established between thecity and several festivals, whereby in the past the creativity of the different partners has had successful stimulating effects. Howest has a large know-how in stimulating businesses involving their incubators. As a college we also have an excellent reputation in facilitating the participation of international students.


What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in the project?

As a research oriented college we want to offer our students, professors and researchers the best possible facilities to develop their entrepreneurial skills. This project also matches our vision that “embryonal business ideas” should lead rapidly to testing and prototyping. Thus a large group of new entrepreneurs gets extra opportunities.

Address: Marksesteenweg 58, 8500 Kortijk, Belgium

Project Manager: Herman Kiesel