Top 3 NSR video contest

18 June 2019 - Published by Dennis Sieperda
Where in the top 3 of the NSR video contest!

This year's conference will address climate change in the North Sea Region, including topics such as climate governance, climate adaptation, and climate and youth. 

Climate change is at the forefront of societal debate and finding ways forward is of the utmost importance. How can the North Sea Region take the lead and fast-track the green energy transition? How can we bolster the region against the impacts of global warming? This requires developing new innovations and advancing existing solutions. Join us for an exciting event designed to inspire and connect you to people and organisations caring strongly about climate change!

A winner and runner up will be selected based on the votes. They will be announced at the opening dinner of the North Sea Conference on 25 June where the winning videos will also be screened.