German Inno-Quarter partner LEMEX publices in Australian Management Review

26 April 2022 - Published by Brigitte Feenstra
Inno-Quarters - with Living Labs at festivals to validate new business models By Jörg Freiling, Thomas Baron, Quynh Duong Phuong & Jan Elsner

When the main reason for the failure of new business concepts is the lack of market proximity, innovative instruments for obtaining early market feedback and co-development with target customers are most welcome. Inno-Quarters are such stages that bring entrepreneurs and feedback-giving target customers into a joint exchange in a relaxed, creative atmosphere - here: in the context of festivals. However, since feedback can be misinterpreted and does not always come from the core target group, Inno-Quarters must be carefully prepared. This article shows which organisational foundations must be created for the creation of such Living Labs and what needs to be done to prepare entrepreneurs for the event and to evaluate the feedback in terms of target-oriented business development. The explanations are based on the experience of hosting numerous Inno-Quarters in Europe.

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