10 April 2018 - Published by Brigitte Feenstra
To look for start-ups Inno-Quarter designed a special website.

Inno-Quarter is looking for start-ups to participate in festivals. For this they launched a new website 

What is Inno-Quarter?

As a start-up, creator, small business or enterprising student you want to find out if your innovative idea, device or method works in the real world. Inno-Quarter can help you find some answers by assisting you with testing your idea, product or prototype at one of the European festivals that function as a living lab for innovation. Festivals are temporary mini-societies, with their own set of challenges in the areas of water, food, logistics, energy, and waste, among others. As a contained environment, festivals are the perfect place to plug in your innovation for testing and interaction with (potential) customers and it will reduce your innovation’s failure rate.  During the festivals, entrepreneurs get on-site support with their test and networking opportunities.

In 2018, three festivals take part in Inno-Quarter: North Side (DK), Hallifornia (SE) & Welcome to The Village (NL).