Inno-Quarter visits HOWEST in Kortrijk, Belgium

07 February 2019 - Published by Brigitte Feenstra
In November the partners of Inno-Quarter visited Kortrijk for the thirth partner meeting.


The project leader David Zomer welcomes all participants to this 3rd Inno-Quarter partner meeting in Kortrijk, Belgium. HOWEST is hosting this meeting. We are here with the same group of partners, but some of the partners have different contact person on the project. There are 22 participants present. Also a special welcome to the 3 German persons of LEMEX.They are ambitious. In 2019 they want to contribute with a festival in March and mix innovation with entertainment.

Further subjects during the meeting

  • Evaluation of the first festival year
  • Workshop Before, During and After the festival
  • Advisory Committee
  • Research
  • Communication strategy
  • HOWEST Industrial Product Design
  • Incubator Hangar K

Click here to read the full Summary of the meeting.