How are things with... Storyspot

13 April 2021 - Published by Dennis Sieperda
In the summer of 2018, Lisa Evertsson Norrevik tested the innovation Storyspot at the festival Hallifornia in Sweden. Storyspot is an app where people can create, share and listen to podcasts, audio guides and stories about places and spots all over the world. Lisa tells about her experience with testing on a festival with Inno-Quarter and about how Storyspot is doing right now.
Testing at a festival

At first, we wanted to test how we can make people motivated and interested in recording Storyspots. We wanted to see what type of content people wanted to make, and what the best way is for people to start storyspotting.

At the festival there were only three people who wanted to record their story at Storyspot. That was less than we had hoped for. But we learned other things about Storyspot anyhow! We learned what kind of stories people wanted to listen to, and we also learned that it is a big step for people to record their own voices. We didn’t get to know what we came for at Hallifornia, but we did learned a lot of other things.

It was very fun to test at a festival. People are much more open minded and relaxed and were really open to talk about Storyspot.

It was one of the best experiences, also since it was in summer. I brought my family and through this way it did not feel like working for me. It was like a small holiday to me.

What did we learn? 

We learned from testing with Inno-Quarter at Hallifornia that we need to help customers and organizations that wants to record a Storyspot. We are helping them with creating content. We were not expecting that we had to help them with creating content, but through testing on a festival, we found this out.


"Through covid-19 we are forced to spend more of our energy and time online. We cannot meet and have big events, everything is digital and we are getting more users in the long run because of this."

A piece of advice

To all the new start-ups: have an open mind! You have to be open for every opinion that comes along. And since it is testing, you do not need to have everything perfectly clear already. You just have to be able to give the people an idea about what your innovation is and what you want to test.