Cancelled festivals COVID19

24 April 2020 - Published by Dennis Sieperda
CORONA UPDATE – COVID-19 Inno-Quarter is fully depending on the organization of festivals. Due to the uncertainty of the Corona virus, it is currently impossible to say whether the events mentioned belowed will continue. So always keep in mind that when registering, the event might be cancelled or rescheduled. As soon as we know something, we will immediately inform the participating startups.

M01N Startup Camp (Bremen, Germany) shifted to October due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). But also SPOT Festival in Aarhus (Denmark) canceled due to the Coronavirus. In Aarhus, too, certain festival activities will be postponed to another date. Also the Dutch and Belgium festivals are cancelled for this year. It is not yet certain whether the Inno-Quarter ativitites are included. Startups that have registered for this festival will be kept informed by their Innovation Broker.

Below the explanation of the festivals about the reasons and the new dates.

M01N Startup Camp

We worked highly motivated until the end of the M01N camp in March and always believed in making this possible for all of us. It is all the more disappointing in our entire team that a shift is now inevitable.

The Bremen Senate has banned events with more than 1,000 participants. For this reason, we are moving the M01N Camp 2020 to the 22nd-23rd of October 2020. This decision affects us humanly and economically, but the health of everyone involved is our top priority.

True to our START FAIL SUCCEED guideline, we still look positively into the future and are really looking forward to organizing the most emotional startup event in the north with you in October.


SPOT Festival 

The ongoing Corona crisis has dramatically affected the Danish event business. SPOT’s board of directors and leaders have therefore come to the conclusion that it is unrealistic to complete this year’s ambitious festival.

Being the oldest and biggest showcase festival for upcoming Danish and Nordic music, SPOT is an important meeting place where international business and media contacts can experience the music and meet each other.

The uncertainty is also huge internationally speaking. We have already received cancellations from international agents, members of the press, journalists, publishers and festival organizers.

Our newly formed plan is to organize a bunch of concerts and business-related activities during summer and autumn to put a spotlight on new Danish music productions.

SPOT is already in contact with several partners and suppliers, and we will continue to plan these events over the next days and weeks.

SPOT will refund all bought festival tickets and delegate tickets (full refund except for payment card fees). For further info regarding refunds please contact


With pain in our hearts we have to announce that Welcome to The Village cannot go through this summer due to the corona virus. The government yesterday decided to ban all events until September 1 to counteract a further outbreak of the virus and pressure on hospitals. 

The health of you; our visitors, volunteers, artists and all other employees are of course more important than celebrating a beautiful festival. A move of the entire festival to 2021 is therefore, however unfortunate we are, the only right choice at the moment.

This government decision does not only affect us. Throughout the country, festivals and events have been canceled, stages have had to close. Many freelancers, artists and others working in the arts and events industry see their earnings dry up. Partners with whom we have been building the festival for years now suddenly have to fire people or request assistance themselves. It is a sadly bitter pill.

Of course we think of you, our cheerful and enthusiastic audience that we are not allowed to meet this year in the Green Star. But also to the elderly and many others in the daytime activities, who make so much beauty for our festival and are now alone. Our thoughts go out to all of you and we believe that better times will soon come.


There is also good news! Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus measures, we have to move Welcome to The Village 2020 to 2021. Our innovation week 'DORP' is inextricably linked to WTTV and has been taking place on our festival grounds every year since its inception.

But, of course, this is not possible this year ... As sad as we are now that we cannot celebrate our beautiful festival this year, the urge to innovate has only grown! DORP would not be DORP if curiosity and an urge to discover do not prevail. For the time being, this has led to a number of very feasible scenarios for a unique DORP edition in the fall of 2020. 

Does DORP change in addition to the date and location? That's not the plan! The alternatives are as close as possible to the DORP that you know or have heard of. That means connecting with like-minded people and innovating together on a journey of discovery into a more beautiful and sustainable world.


These are unknown times. The world has recently changed. Social life has largely stopped. The measures have never been seen. Soon there will be summer and festivals. Advice from experts has been obtained, consultations have been held with artists. The National Security Council decided today that mass meetings until August 31, 2020 are not allowed in Belgium. So it will be a summer without Festival Dranouter. That is the only right decision. She does not surprise us. It was in line with expectations and we only understand it very much. The health and safety of festival goers, of artists, of crew, of volunteers is our greatest priority. Follow government guidelines. Take responsibility. Taking care of yourself and loved ones. Stop the virus. That's what it's all about now. Our festivals take a break, preparations are stopped. We will be there again in 2021