Inno-Quarter helps start-ups brave the pandemic

After two years of successfully helping start-ups test their innovations at European festivals, 2020 was not the best year for the Inno-Quarter project. The big problem was that the Covid-19 pandemic shut down this year’s festivals. But rather than waiting for the virus to disappear, we decided to look for new opportunities to help start-ups at a time when they need it the most.

Inno-Quarter aims to speed up the start-up ecosystem in the North Sea Region. Why? Because 9 out of 10 innovations fail due to insufficient testing. To fast-track the innovation process and prevent failures, we set out to help start-ups test their innovations at European festivals.

A festival is comparable to a small society where people need to eat, drink and sleep. And because festival areas are mostly closed areas, it is easy to measure a lot of things. This data can be used to improve the innovations and to make the launch to the market easier.


This article of project leader Dennis Sieperda has been published on the website of North Sea Blog. 

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German Inno-Quarter partner LEMEX publices in Australian Management Review

26 April 2022

Inno-Quarters - with Living Labs at festivals to validate new business models By Jörg Freiling, Thomas Baron, Quynh Duong Phuong & Jan Elsner

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One last year of Inno-Quarter

14 March 2022

Only this year you can test your innovation at a festival. The Inno-Quarter program will run for another year in the Netherlands and Sweden, so you can register again from now on. There are only limi…

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Opportunities in the corona crisis

24 June 2021

This year we also tested 5 food startups at the online festival of Oerol Terschelling. Together with the Dutch startup program Innofest, we went for two weekends with entrepreneurs and food enthusiast…

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Online workshop Festival Experimentation Guide

03 May 2021

On the 17th of March 2021 Aranka Dijkstra and Marije Boonstra hosted an online workshop, which was all about designing a festival experiment using their Festival Experimentation Guide. Together, Ara…

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How are things with... Storyspot

13 April 2021

In the summer of 2018, Lisa Evertsson Norrevik tested the innovation Storyspot at the festival Hallifornia in Sweden. Storyspot is an app where people can create, share and listen to podcasts, audio g…

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How are things with... Ecoist

13 April 2021

This week we are looking back at the experience with testing on a festival with Thomas Koch from Ecoist. Ecoist designs, builds and sells environmentally friendly and efficient electric cars. Thomas t…

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Inno-Quarter has a new project manager

07 December 2020

Dennis Sieperda is the new project manager of Inno-Quarter.   

After 3 years David Zomer decided to change office and for that reason he wasn't able to continue his job als project manager. Dennis…

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Finalist to participate in the Interreg 30 Years Project Slam Grand Final

22 June 2020

This year Interract invite all Interreg programmes to participate in the “Interreg 30 years project slam” and celebrate the anniversary of cooperation by showing...

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Testing on a festival with no festivals this year!?

22 June 2020

The virtual edition of Oerol has started, Innofest and Inno-Quarter are there. Rob and Wilbert (from Innofest) have since settled on Terschelling, and from today they present Innofest Test Teevee ever…

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Cancelled festivals COVID19

24 April 2020

CORONA UPDATE – COVID-19 Inno-Quarter is fully depending on the organization of festivals. Due to the uncertainty of the Corona virus, it is currently impossible to say whether the events mentioned…

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