Welcome to Inno-Quarter's webspace. Inno-Quarter is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Inno-Quarter provides a new way to short track innovation processes and improve the cost-effectiveness of startup support mechanisms and redirect funds towards sustainable commercialisation of more innovations.

The North Sea region (NSR) scores low in EU innovation indexes in terms of commercialisation. SMEs/entrepreneurs often lack the means to go beyond the development stage or fail soon after commercialisation. This because many companies initiate innovation processes in isolation within the company or an unsufficient network, which causes difficulties in attracting investors, finding potential customers, and acquiring raw resources to enlarge production.

Furthermore, a lot of bright ideas eventually end up in a prototype phase, however, as soon as these must be tested in a real-time environment, the means and expertise to facilitate this process are lacking, this is where Inno-Quarter comes in at the start of TRL0 till 4 or TRL5 till 8. IQ will facilitate entrepreneurs with an integral public service that is organised at existing events, most common festivals. The innovation quarters should reduce the costs of conventional start-up programmes, by reducing the time needed to validate a product/service with 2 years. IQ will provide entrepreneurs with: possibility to develop new products/services, end-user feedback for products/business models/services ready for market uptake, business support platform, enabler of product/service development.

Quadruple helix partnerships of public authorities/development agencies, knowledge institutes, private partners and the community, represented by the IQ beneficiaries, will jointly develop, test and evaluate this service in several regions to come to a validated method available for adoption throughout the NSR.

Look for more information also on www.innoquarter.eu


Latest Project News

German Inno-Quarter partner LEMEX publices in Australian Management Review

26 April 2022

Inno-Quarters - with Living Labs at festivals to validate new business models By Jörg Freiling, Thomas Baron, Quynh Duong Phuong & Jan Elsner

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One last year of Inno-Quarter

14 March 2022

Only this year you can test your innovation at a festival. The Inno-Quarter program will run for another year in the Netherlands and Sweden, so you c…

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Opportunities in the corona crisis

24 June 2021

This year we also tested 5 food startups at the online festival of Oerol Terschelling. Together with the Dutch startup program Innofest, we went for t…

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Online workshop Festival Experimentation Guide

03 May 2021

On the 17th of March 2021 Aranka Dijkstra and Marije Boonstra hosted an online workshop, which was all about designing a festival experiment using t…

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How are things with... Storyspot

13 April 2021

In the summer of 2018, Lisa Evertsson Norrevik tested the innovation Storyspot at the festival Hallifornia in Sweden. Storyspot is an app where people…

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