WAB e.V.



WAB is the network and cluster management organisation of the wind industry in Germany’s northwest region and leading voice of the offshore wind industry in the country. More than 350 companies and research institutions are among its members. WAB works strategically to foster cooperation, internationalisation, innovation and job qualification in the wind industry (especially SMEs) as well as to boost public acceptance of wind energy. WAB has a strong thematic focus on offshore wind.

As an Inn2POWER partner, WAB will strengthen relations and networks with other European offshore wind clusters. “We want to encourage German companies to enter more readily into cooperative efforts with partners in the North Sea Region, adding to regional strengths and stimulating new systematic innovations that make the offshore wind industry competitive,” says Andreas Wellbrock, managing director of WAB. “We look forward to intensifying our support of offshore wind SMEs facing far more challenging conditions, compared to larger companies, for gaining a foothold and staying in business in Europe’s very dynamic market,” he adds.

WAB will be involved in all work packages for the Inn2POWER project, building on experience and the outcome of earlier European projects, the FP7-funded ECOWindS project and the Interreg POWER Cluster project. As the work package leader for communication, WAB is responsible for coordinatingall communication activities of the project and its results to the stakeholders and target groups. Moreover, WAB will work together with its partners on increasing the visibility and public acceptance of wind power.

Website: www.wab.net