Test Facilities – Access for SME's

The Airbnb for test facilities Inn2POWER’s web-based marketplace brings The Sharing Economy to the offshore wind industry.

Inn2POWER aims at providing SMEs and sub-contractors in the offshore wind industry easier access to test facilities – bringing The Sharing Economy to the offshore wind industry is one way to do it.

In Inn2POWER, we are now developing the ‘Airbnb for test facilities’; a user-friendly web-based marketplace allowing companies to browse a full directory of international test facilities for the offshore wind industry. 

This will solve two issues: Increase the knowledge of accessible test facilities and lowering the costs for both the test owners and users. Research has shown that lack of knowledge and heavy costs are the two main barriers when companies seek to test innovation for offshore wind. 


Our ambition for the new online marketplace is:


  • Easy access to unique test facilities; e.g. the new Poul la Cour 105 m/s wind tunnel at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), PolyTech’s rain erosion test or Force Technology’s 8*14*8-meter climate chamber.
  • Easy access to the right test facilities. The marketplace allows users to search for qualified test facilities; including information on test possibilities, measurement options, what size of test objects can be handled etc.


By making it easy to find the test facilities that e.g. matches a given need between the thousands of individual test facilities in Europe, it will be much easier for companies to develop new products.


Go to the database: http://testfacilities.eu/



Contact: Christian Munk Jensen (Project Manager)