Escape Room puts Offshore Wind Industry in the spotlights

The offshore wind industry has grown strongly in the last ten years and its success is reflected in the number of jobs within the sector. Based on 2018 figures, the offshore industry in the North Sea region accounts for some 200,000 jobs. In spite of this, the demand for qualified personnel within the offshore wind industry remains very high. With their pilot project 'offshore wind escape room', POM West-Flanders is trying to make tomorrow's workers enthusiastic about this fascinating industry.

There is no doubt that the offshore wind industry has many ecological advantages, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of employment. Nevertheless, SMEs active in this sector experience considerable difficulties in finding and retaining (technical) personnel. One of the main goals of the Interreg 'Inn2POWER' project is to support these SMEs in their search for suitable employees.

In order to make young people enthusiastic about this industry , POM West-Flanders developed an 'offshore wind escape room' together with Horizon Educatief vzw as part of the Interreg project 'Inn2POWER '. The main goal of the game is to raise awareness among youngsters of the economic, ecological and social benefits of the offshore wind industry. At the same time, the study directions and career opportunities within the sector were also highlighted.

In the period between October 2019 and January 2020, some 1,000 students of the third grade of primary and secondary education have come to test the escape room. This exceeded by far the target of 400 students. For the fall of 2020 , many students have already registered to crack the code of the escape room.

In short, the Belgian escape room has already been extensively tested and approved. To develop this pilot project in other countries and regions equally successfully, POM West- Flanders and Horizon Educatief vzw developed an English manual. It explains each step in starting up and playing the game in detail. After all, the escape room could convince young people from the whole North Sea Region of the strengths of the offshore wind industry and the associated job opportunities.


Interested in developing this escape room in your country? Request the English manual at POM West-Flanders. Contact Katrien Criel, Project assistant Inn2POWER (POM West-Flanders)