Provincie Groningen


The province of Groningen is a regional government authority and is located in the northern part of the Netherlands, adjacent to Germany. The province has over 600,000 inhabitants spread over 23 municipalities. The province can boast a long history dating back to before the early Middle Ages. Nowadays Groningen is an entrepreneurial and innovative province, with plenty of space for economic activity, agriculture, nature, leisure and last but not least, offshore wind activity.
Surrounded by countryside full of green space lies the economic heart of the province, the city of Groningen with just over 200,000 inhabitants. Here you will find the University of Groningen, the Hanze University, colleges of higher education, the University Medical Centre, Gasunie, and many government organisations and service providers. Other locations showing rapid growth in economic activity include the harbour areas of Eemshaven and Delfzijl.

Energy is a major theme in our province. We are one of the largest exporters of natural gas in the world. Currently we are working hard on making the switch to the production of renewable energy. Governmental bodies, companies and knowledge institutions are working together (triple helix) on regional growth of the green energy sector. With Eemshaven we have an excellent harbor from which offshore wind farms can be built and the operation and maintenance (O&M) can be done, especially for offshore wind farms in the German and Dutch part of the North Sea. With offshore wind in combination with the chemical cluster of Delfzijl we hold the main ingredients for building a green energysystem with hydrogen. This is only a selection of the great things we do around sustainable energy. It's the reason we call ourselves "the energyport" of the Netherlands.