The cluster organization is the national cluster organization and innovation network for companies, organizations and knowledge institutions in the offshore energy sector in Denmark. is a national cluster for the entire Danish offshore industry. The secretariat is located at the port of Esbjerg.'s main objective is to maintain and develop a Danish, world-class offshore cluster.

The purpose is to contribute to the development and growth of the members of the cluster through work on innovation, knowledge sharing, cost effectiveness and internationalization.

As a cluster organization and innovation network,'s is:

  • a platform for offshore partnerships and projects with emphasis on innovation and development of new technological cost-optimal solutions
  • a broker and contributor to knowledge sharing between established companies, start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research and knowledge institutions, investors, GTSs, advisors and public actors
  • helping our member companies – particularly the cluster SMEs – in strengthening their international capabilities.
  • reinforcing and substantiating synergy between oil, gas and wind
  • develops and collaborates with local, regional and international offshore hubs
  • ensuring cooperation with clusters in other business areas to cultivate new emerging cross-sectoral growth areas for the benefit of the Danish offshore industry.
  • organizing B2B matchmaking events and major conferences focusing on offshore innovation is an EU-certified, non-political and independent cluster organization with approx. 240 members. Please find a more detailed description of all projects here.