Offshore Wind Energy MBA for SME employees

The development of the MBA programme is conducted as part of the Inn2POWER work package "Improving the workforce".

To improve the innovation capacity of the North Sea Region, the Inn2POWER project will enhance the required availability of a skilled workforce for SMEs in the offshore wind sector. Therefore MBA modules have been developed in close cooperation between companies from the Offshore Wind Industry and partnering knowledge institutes.

The Offshore Wind Energy MBA caters for the specific needs of companies in the Offshore Wind Industry by combining new research with the business challenges of the industry. All modules will be conducted in English, will be carried out in the different partner countries and aim especially for participants with an engineer’s background – but are open for all people with relevant business experience and a Bachelor’s degree. Single or several modules can be booked and participants will get a certificate after passing the module.

The modules will center on real life business cases. Actual consultancy tasks and problems will be presented and the participants will learn how to apply the latest theory and experience to actual business challenges for OWI companies.

The first modules being offered are
Future Scenarios in Strategy Development” (starting at 16th of January 2019),
Operational Leadership” (starting 29th of January 2019),
Legal issues in Offshore Wind Industry” (starting in spring 2019) and
“Innovative Project Management” (starting in summer 2019).


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