NOM Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

NOM is the regional investment and development agency for the northern Netherlands. NOM FDI is the ‘marketing & sales department’ for the Northern Netherlands. We pay visits to many entrepreneurs and companies in the region every year. During these visits, we discuss their success factors, their role in the supply chain, their vision of the future and the obstacles they may face. We use information to come up with propositions for the important sectors worldwide, with the aim of enticing foreign companies to establish their activities in the northern Netherlands. It is here that they will find the conditions matching their ambitions.

We can assist you with all aspects involved in setting up your business in the Northern Netherlands:

  • site selection
  • easy access to extensive network (companies, knowledge institutes, governments)
  • introduction to potential business partners
  • assistance with licensing and permits
  • finance
  • workforce solutions

Other NOM departments

NOM Finance

  • invests in existing and new companies in the northern Netherlands
  • is not a bank, but a supplementary risk-bearer (shareholder, subordinate loans)
  • is financially involved for a limited period of time
  • NOM aims to build long-term business relationships
  • quick profit is not our goal, but an active participation with an approach specific to your company
  • revolving Fund of USD 90 million
  • invested in more than 100 companies

NOM Business Development

  • plays an active role in ambitious and innovative projects and projects which enhance the competitive strength of regional businesses such as the offshore wind supply chain (NNOW)
  • utilizes our extensive network, knowledge and expertise and bring parties together to research ideas and convert them into innovative products or services
  • participated in 90 innovative projects in which 350 companies were involved
  • represented an investment of EUR 90 million