How Inn2POWER can help optimise your business’ networking potential during lockdown

29 April 2020 - Published by Mirjam de Vreden

Thanks to the innovation of remote working, being in lockdown does not mean you need to press pause on building a network that will propel your business forward and unlock new market opportunities. If you work in offshore wind, Inn2POWER can support you through business relationship optimisation.

Now is the perfect time to consider where you’d like to take your business. The Inn2POWER programme is driving supply chain collaboration around the globe, despite businesses’ doors being temporarily closed. And although, like many other events, SNS 2020 and Belgium Offshore Days 2020 have been postponed, our project team is available to help you discover exciting opportunities and make new, fresh connections with like-minded organisations.

Three things you can do working remotely

So, what can you do whilst working from the comfort of your couch? Below are three things you can do to enhance your networking exposure and plan an expert sales strategy for the remainder of 2020:

1.  Browse the Inn2POWER Company Directory

The Inn2POWER Company Directory is your address book to the European Offshore Wind Supply Chain. Thanks to the simple-to-navigate, easy-to-use supply chain map which represents a database of over 2,500 offshore wind companies, your chance to build fresh industry relationships is just a mouse click away.

You can also request digital introductions through the platform negating the requirement for face-to-face meetings. This way, you can still collaborate with other businesses with the support of Inn2POWER. The introduction capability is a powerful tool and the first step in making contact with a new company on the database.

And, as an added bonus, you can take advantage of the various Innovation Challenges which have been listed by operators, developers, and research bodies. These challenges range from installation cost reductions and damage prevention for offshore cabling to the establishment of centres for the testing and development of large component lifting solutions. You can register your business’ interest for these bespoke projects to demonstrate your expertise.

2. Enhance your collaboration opportunities

When it comes to optimising your chances of reaching the right clients, information is key. We’ve put together this short online survey which has been tailored to ask the questions that matter to you. For example, which areas of the offshore wind industry are important and if there are any companies you would like to collaborate with in particular.

We put privacy and security first, so your answers are kept confidential. And the best part, it only takes approximately 10 minutes to complete - Why not grab a cup of tea and take a moment to embark on the Inn2POWER journey?

After you have completed the questionnaire, our cluster organisations in each region work together seamlessly behind the scenes to help connect your company to new supply chain opportunities.

3. Speak to the Inn2POWER team to see how else we can help your business

Self-isolation doesn’t have to feel isolating – our team is available to answer any questions, provide advice and to give more information on how we can support your business access opportunities in the Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK offshore wind markets. Just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

The Inn2POWER project is supported and funded by the EU. By providing a wealth of online supply chain tools, events and support we help to drive supply chain collaboration across countries. Working alongside the Belgian Blue Cluster and our partners in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, we strongly believe that communication is the key to industry-wide growth and business success.