Offshore B2B – matchmaking across the pond!

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - Published by Susanne Findeisen
The brand new network forum ‘Offshore B2B – Innovation, Network and New Tech’ left quite an impression with the attendees at the event in Esbjerg, Denmark on 8.-9. November 2017.

Hosted by; the national cluster organization and innovation network for companies, organizations and knowledge institutions in the offshore energy sector in Denmark, the business-to-business event offered two days of intense networking across the entire oil & gas and wind industry. Indeed, the 100+ participants came from all areas of the offshore industry as well as all corners of the North Sea, with participants from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark taking part and with 320 pre-booked meetings.

The response on the day and evaluation afterwards has left no one in any doubt that the event was of value:



With one of the main objectives for Inn2POWER being to establish new contacts to SME’s in other countries, the Offshore B2B certainly hit the mark:



The event even helped two local Dutch companies meet each other – both of them around 800 kilometers from home! Proving the point that the event's pre-booked B2B format makes a difference.



The Esbjerg event also served as a thorough introduction to the Inn2POWER project. Indeed, following Offshore B2B, a similar event was scheduled in The Netherlands because of the fruitful meetings in Denmark. This event took place 24.-25. January and will be followed by events in Belgium in March and in Germany in May.