NNOW innovation lab

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - Published by Susanne Findeisen

On June 28th, an NNOW innovation lab was held at Hodij Coatings Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. During the workshop the project Inn2Power was presented to an audience of interested SME’s. The progress of the CRM system was welcomed as a big improvement, and various SME’s, which were not yet inserted in the system, showed great interest and sent us their details in order to join the mapping.

During the Innovation lab three great companies presented their innovations

Qlayers; Amber van Hauwermeieren introduced a new revolutionary coating system for wind blades. The system uses a specially developed robot, measuring the layer thickness and weather condition, before producing a paint layer.

Arvick; Gerrit Noltes introduced an innovative bolt tension method which is a combination between ultrasonic measuring and a new connection method. The results are implemented at the Gemini wind farm.

Ocean Grazer BV; Frits Bliek introduced the development of a multifunctional platform concept, connected to wind towers at sea. This combination of wind, wave and energy storage in one is interesting for wind farms in open waters.

The Innovation Lab ended with a guided tour through the Hodij Coatings production floor and a networking drink.