Awareness for our Offshore Wind Supply Chain

17 April 2019 - Published by Nike Fuchs

This year, we would like to invite you to participate in our German Inland Campaign.
The reduced expansion targets for Germany are not only having unpleasant consequences for the "official" Wind Energy companies; the supply chain is also affected. Many suppliers are located far away from the coast, but are nevertheless part of the offshore wind supply chain and make use of the industry - although there is still room for improvement in their understanding. But since they are - just like plant manufacturers, environmental experts and logistics companies - an important cogwheel in the process of innovation and cooperation, we would like to focus on this part of the industry for a higher visibility (above all in the direction of politics and the public) and acceptance.

Therefore, those additional events will host a special feature of the German Inland Campaign:

EnBW- Branchentag Windenergie on 2. December 19
further events for 2020 will be defined.


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